The VLINC Mission

Nicknamed VLINC, Victorian Louisville, Inc. was formed in 2010 as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), nonprofit community-development corporation whose mission is to improve the livability and value of our Old Louisville neighborhood through rehabilitation of derelict and abandoned historic properties. This is accomplished through purchase, donation, foreclosure sale or condemnation, resolution of title & tax issues, restoration and resale. The intent is to build capital and roll from property to property, and not to become long-term property owners or managers.

Restoring Buildings

VLINC achieves its objectives using the following models
• Purchase properties from various sources, renovate and either sell, rent or lease
• Market the Historic Old Louisville Neighborhood

There is much work to do

Affordable Living Space

Our historic homes allow for different types of living spaces to meet a variety of income levels. Apartments, condos and single family homes. VLINC will offer several types of arrangements, such as outright purchases, leases, rental, and rental with purchase option. Essential is that each resident has a stake in the maintenance and appearance’ of its building, so some form of ownership, or deterioration based maintenance fee needs to be a part of each resident’s rent or lease.

Residents of All Walks of Life

Old Louisville is a mixed neighborhood and this is one of its essential qualities. VLINC will support this by providing living spaces without discrimination for race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious practice or economic status. By informing interested persons of the special character of our community and the ethos that derives from it, we hope to be able to attract those who have a passion for a historic urban neighborhood.