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VLINC Overview

In 2009 the Second Street Neighborhood Association teamed up with the Toonerville Trolley
Neighborhood Association forming a work group to see what could be done about the vacant properties in the neighborhood.

The group found that the available neighborhood stabilization and housing moneys were –rightfully– targeted for neighborhoods worse off than Old Louisville. The group decided to form a tax exempt, non-profit corporation –Victorian Louisville, Inc.– (VLINC) and to acquire and restore specific Old Louisville properties. To do this VLINC seeks grants and loans from those seeing the value of this endeavor.

It is not our intention to become long-term property owners or managers. We intend to identify particular derelict properties and working with all available resources restore these properties to a marketable state. In deciding which properties to restore we intend to benefit the surrounding neighborhood as much as possible.

Victorian Louisville Inc. Officers

Jan Cieremans

Jan Cieremans emigrated from Holland in 2002. Jan has a degree
in mechanical engineering and has worked as sales manager before
becoming account manager for energy consultant Summit Energy in town. Jan and Holly and their daughter Emily own a home built around 1896 at Second and Oak streets, and they are gradually restoring the property. When asked to become Second Street Neighborhood Association’s president, Jan and its board identified the need to do something about the rising number of vacant properties in the neighborhood, and that’s how Victorian Louisville was born. Jan is a member of the Vacant Properties Action Campaign led by the Metropolitan Housing Coalition and a contributor to Preservation Louisville.

Christopher White

Christopher T. White has resided for 28 years in the Old Louisville Historic Preservation District where he and his spouse Dennis Rollins have invested much of their personal energy and capital into the rehabilitation of their neighborhood and the restoration of their home, a 1912 Craftsman manse on Ormsby Avenue. A community activist now for many years, Christopher served in the past on the Old Louisville (OL) Neighborhood Council, the OL Property Improvement Committee, the OL Crime & Safety Committee, and on the Board of the Second Street Neighborhood Association [SSNA]. Currently, he has focused his skill set on zoning laws, land development codes, and property analysis through his work as a project researcher for the Old Louisville Zoning and Land Use Committee and in fund raising for Victorian Louisville projects. An educator by profession, he has taught for Indiana University Southeast, Indiana University School of Music, Bloomington, and is currently on the faculty of the University of Louisville School of Music.

Bill Walsh

Bill Walshretired from high school teaching in the local public
schools in 1997 and, with his wife Alice, moved to Old Louisville
in 1998. He is a member of Second Street Neighborhood Association and the Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association. Most of his time and energy in the community has been on behalf
of the former St. Philip Neri parish property on Woodbine, between
Floyd and Brook Streets. To help keep this property active
in public service, he serves on the boards of Vernon Robertson
Urban Charities, Inc.; Kenwood Montessori School; Woodbine
Catholic Worker; and The Chapel of St. Philip. Bill and Alice
have 13 grandchildren, 6 of whom live in Old Louisville.

Our Partners

The work of Victorian Louisville, Inc. would not be possible without the support of the following contributors and project partners as of 7/11/12.

Nancy and Tom Woodcock
Bill and Mathieu Nunery
Bill and Alice Walsh
Kimberly and John Crum
Christopher White and Dennis Rollins
Louisville Metro Councilman David James
Second Street Neighborhood Association
Garvin Gate Neighborhood Association
Steve Zocklein and Michael Mawood
Holly Liter and Jan Cieremans
Bob Bajandas

Charles Cash and Debra Richards
Mary Martin and Stan Murrell
Mary and Martha Schroeder
Louise Venettozzi
Leah Stewart
Larry and Mary Chase
Charles and Anne Arensberg
Matt Fontaine
Phil DiBlasi
Ed Lee
Third Street Association
Zane and JoAnn Lockhart
Helga Ulrich
Stan Duffy
Rose and Fred Nett
Pike Legal Group
John Paul
Amici’ Cafe
Kevin McFadden
Michael Breitenstein
Jean and Jesper Christensen
Dustin Lee Hensley

Central Park West Neighborhood Association
Susan and Victor Marquardt
Dave and Pam Murrer
Chuck and Sheelah Anderson
Bruce Cohen
Herb Warren
Bob and Eva Wessels
Irene Spicer
Candace Jaworski
Ken Herndon
John Sistarenik
Deborah Stewart
Vernon Cook
Mary C. Morrow
The Bailen Co.
Gary Kleier
River City Housing
New Directions Housing
Preservation Louisville
Metropolitan Housing Coalition
Vacant Property Action Campaign
Jane Walsh


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